February 09th 2014

Lost Memories
From Cape Town


After a little problem with one of my hard drives yesterday and one panic attack later I spent some time searching through tons of old files. It was like going back in time, diving into all these memories almost made me feel like I was in them again. It’s something you never really think of when you’re in that moment but looking back at it taking photographs not only enables you to create memories but also to re-live them. I’m always thinking of tomorrow rather than yesterday but sometimes it’s good to look back to be able to see where you want to go next.



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I’ve always wanted to visit SA. These pictures are stunning – makes me want to take that trip right now.

love your pics. make me feel like I have to visit cape town.
sometimes it feels good to live in the past. but we shouldnt do this too often. because at the end you will just struggle with the here and now and the future. and thats defently not worth it.
love your attitude about this topic :-)